For us to conduct robust research in to the state of corporate generosity in Australia we rely on businesses like yours providing their accurate numbers


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Your efforts to disclose your organisations community investment will greatly help to validate our data set and contribute to our ongoing research.

The process of filling out the below form is very simple and should take no longer than 5 minutes. To speed things up, please have the details of your company’s community contributions ready to refer to.

Please complete the form as best as you can, providing as much detail as possible and not forgetting to upload your public report or reference to ensure your company’s inclusion in our analysis.

GivingLarge Data Collection Form
Thank you for sharing your data for our ongoing research
Standards create a common language for organizations to report on their sustainability impacts in a consistent and credible way. They enhance global comparability and enable organizations to be transparent and accountable. GRI - Global Reporting Initiative. B4SI - Business for Societal Impact
Did your company engage and disclose independent assurance on the published community investment figure? If yes then please attach your assurance statement in the last field of this form. See below.
Please enter your organisations community investment total in AUD

Contribution Breakdown

Please enter any contribution breakdown you can provide in AUD. This may include breakdown into: Cash, Time ($), In-Kind contributions of product or service (incl. Pro Bono) or Management Costs ($). If you are unable to breakdown your total contribution then please leave these fields blank.
A cash contribution is the gross monetary amount a company pays in support of a community organization or project.
A time contribution is the cost to the company of the paid working hours contributed by employees to a community organization or activity. The term volunteering is often used to describe time contributions
In-kind contributions include donations of the company’s product or services or other corporate resources.
Management costs incurred by the company in making its contributions. These may include the salaries, benefits and other overheads of community affairs staff along with research and communications spend if used to help the community engage with the company.

Causes and Beneficiaries Supported

Cause area options sourced from The Charities Act 2013 charitable purposes list
Please provide a list of the charities and community organisations supported (as many as possible).


Your disclosed income will enable us to calculate your companies community investment as a percentage of profit or earnings. Please enter either a pre-tax profit or EBITDA.

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Only publicly disclosed community investment figures are eligible to be included in our analysis. Please upload a publicly available document such as an annual report, sustainability report or webpage disclosing your companies community figures.