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About the Report

The GivingLarge Report and research sets out to highlight the considerable community contributions being made by some of Australia’s top companies.

The 2020 Report provides a 50 page in depth analysis of corporate philanthropy in Australia during 2020. Insights include:

  • Total Contribution by company, sector and Top 50.
  • Percentage of Pre-Tax Profit and Earnings by company, sector and Top 50
  • Primary Cause Areas by company, sector and Top 50
  • Assurance, Standardisation and Itemisation of giving by company, sector and Top 50
  • Emerging trends over time for companies, sectors and Top 50
  • Biggest percentage movers in 2020 and stand out contributions
  • COVID-19 Analysis for Australia’s top companies
  • Bushfire Analysis for Australia’s top companies
  • Analysis of most common cause areas.
  • Extensive Discussion and Conclusions on corporate giving in Australia.
  • Sector Analysis for Finance, Materials, Real Estate, Consumer, Energy, Utilities, Industrial, Health Care, Telecommunications

Full Report

Corporates: $986.00

Non-Profits & Charities: $550.00

The research conducted annually by Strive Philanthropy analyses the publicly available reports of our top companies, compiling their community investment statistics to develop a unique data set aimed to draw attention to corporate Australia’s efforts in this area. Supported by Philanthropy Australia, Corporate Citizenship and Melbourne University the findings of this research will:

  • Inform future corporate behaviour in community investment;
  • Encourage increased contributions & transparency;
  • Stimulate best practice sharing
  • Create an environment of healthy philanthropic competition.

For Businesses, $986.00

For Non-Profits & Charities, $550.00